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I’m in Des Moines, IA this weekend visiting some family friends. Naturally, the caucus has come up frequently. From my (horrendously unscientific) polling, it seems like there’s a major Dean backlash brewing – there are a lot of committed liberals who see Dean as being entirely unelectable. Support for Kerry seems much higher than I’d expect, but with a polling sample of only a few people my data might be just a little bit skewed…

It will be interesting to see if Dean starts losing the incredible momentum he’s developed over the past few months. Dean has a very strong ground game, but even the best ground game doesn’t necessarily mean that Dean’s perceived electability problem won’t sink him in the primaries. However, my guess is that Dean already has enough support to take the nomination – however as I’ve stated before, he will get eaten alive in the general election where his left-leaning views will be a liability rather than an asset.

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  1. This is a great time to be in Iowa… If there was a significant Republican primary fight, it would be even more exciting (for me, at least) to be there. I was in New Hampshire (at College Convention 2000) around this time of year four years ago, shortly before the first in the nation primary. I wonder if they’re having that again this year… Anyway, if I had thought of it earlier, I might have tried to find out. But being in New Hampshire shortly before the primary was exciting (not to mention cold). I hope that you are having a blast in the state next door.

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