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State of the Union 2004

Here are some instant reactions from across the blogosphere:

Steven Greene, VodkaPundit:

On domestic policy, Bush is the Republican Bill Clinton. No issue is too small to get his attention, if he can throw a few million dollars at it and claim ‘progress.’

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online:

What I Like So Far… The call for the reauthorization for the Patriot Act and the laundry list of nations working with us. This exposed the silliness of the charge that we need to “internationalize” Iraq. What that charge really means is that the US shouldn’t be in charge. As for the Patriot Act, it’s about time the President said something in its defense.

Spoons, The Spoons Experience:

“Inside the United States, where the war began….” Very good line. I wonder if the Democrats heard it. If they did, they don’t believe it. Good for Bush for unapologetically defending the Patriot Act.

Democrats doing a mocking applause about the expiration of the Patriot Act? Stupid. The average American voter won’t like it.

Bill Hobbs, Hobbs Online:

I was gonna blog the State of the Union address, and comment on it. But then I listened to it, and heard a song over and over in my head. Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down. This was President Bush’s I Won’t Back Down speech.

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