Selling Out

I forgot to introduce the Amazon ads you’ll see in the Donation section of the sidebar. I’ve long considered hosting such ads, but only now gotten around to actually make this happen. Every few days I’ll be highlighting a different product. Last week it was violinist Hilary Hahn’s brilliant recording of Bach violin concertos. This week it’s something different – the complete Firefly DVD set – which fans of intelligent science fiction should love. I’ll also be linking to selected books in posts if they’re germane to the topic at hand.

I’ve also decided to join the plunge and put BlogAds on my site. Those will be debuting this coming week. As an introductory special, I’ll be offering a free week of ads to the first three advertisers to sign up – and if you’re a conservative blogger who’s looking to get more publicity, let me know and I’ll set you up with a two week ad run at no cost. (Blame Matt Welch if you don’t like them…)

The reasons for this is that there are costs to running this site. Fortunately they’re not great, but they do add up over time. The ads will be unobtrusive and will help ensure that the bills get paid. As always, the actual content of this site remains completely free, and always will. However, since I am raving capitalist, I might as well make some dough off of this thing…

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