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The Smoking Gun takes a look at Beyonce Knowles ridiculous hospitality rider which shows just how spoiled stars have become these days. However, it’s their commentary that left me rolling on the floor:

Along with a VIP dressing room maintained at 78 degrees, the 22-year-old singer needed a “private bathroom that’s cleaned with disinfectant & anti-bacteria products before she arrives.” Nobody, of course, wants a loo that’s germylicious.

No word on when The Smoking Gun will be served with papers for abuse of punnery…

4 thoughts on “Best Line Of The Day

  1. While these stories are comedy gold, these seemingly absurd hospitality riders do serve a legit business purpose having nothing to do with over-indulgence.

    Concert promoters are famously sleazy, and are renowned for playing fast and loose with contract provisions. Artists frequently put absurd provisions in hospitality riders to to make certain that the promoters have read the fine print all. the. way. through.

    The logic being if the promoter didn’t get the loo disinfected, they may well have missed some of the more important specs – from business and insurance arrangements to technical and electrical specifications (which can have lethal implications for artists, artistically AND literally).

    Which isn’t to say that Beyonce isn’t a prima donna, but there’s more to it than just that…

  2. You have to figure also, they stay on buses, planes, trains and are always on the go. It feels nice to get some chow, a clean bathroom, and some space to make up for being on a cramped bus for hours. It helps you to loosen up before performing. PS the 78 degrees thing is for your voice.

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