Windows Source Code Stolen

Slashdot is reporting that segments of the source code for Windows 2000 has been leaked on the net.

This is very bad news for Microsoft. It means that all the dirty little secrets in Windows are out for all to see, and there’s nothing they can do to put the genie back in the bottle by now. This means that we’re likely to see even more exploits for Windows in the wild now.

It’s uncertain what was leaked and by whom. It’s unlikely that it’s the full source for Windows (that would be over 50GB according to Microsoft developers) and the code may in fact be a red herring. However, this certainly will provide many headaches for Bill Gates. Earlier reports had Russian hackers stealing the Windows source code using an e-mail virus.

This shows that even internally, Microsoft security is worthless. Who knows how many attacks and exploits will come for this code, but now might be a good time to look at getting that shiny new Mac G5…

UPDATE: The Washington Post has more on the leak.

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