5 thoughts on “Ralphies Back!

  1. Can’t wait to see who the Greens dredge up this time, if anyone…

    …which reminds me, technically, Nader’s last run was a third-party run, not an independent one.

  2. And this is good news for the Democrats in several ways. First, as an independent, Nader is unlikely to garner enough signatures to get onto most states’ ballots. Second, with Nader coming from the Left, and Bush on the Right, the Dem nominee can grab the “middle of the road” image (hence the pressing need for the Bush team to hype the “spendthrift Liberal” image of Kerry–they have to preemptively put him over Far Left). Having Nader in is like having Kucinich in the Primary–it shows that, no matter what else is said, the other candidate(s) CAN’T be as far left as humanely possible, since someone else is occupying that spot already. You can’t say that John Kerry is the farthest left you can go and still be on the spectrum, since Kucinich disproves that right off the bat.

    With Nader, it’s kind of like having Perot run all over again, except with less money, less credibility, less support, less sympathy and a lower chance of actually changing anything this time around.

  3. Relax, Nick. anyone that wants to vote Nader over Kerry or Edwards wasn’t gonna vote Democratic anyway. I assure you, we don’t need them.

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