Homeland (In)Security Watch

It appears that a couple of morons at the Denver International Airport were trying to X-Ray themselves with the security checkpoint X-ray machines.

Apparently they wanted to see what their brains looked like. My guess is small to nonexistent.

Secondly, remember when the Democrats argued that federalizing air security screeners would make the system so much better? Well, this is what you get… chances are they’ll be back on the job in a matter of weeks thanks to the benefits of being a government employee. Yet another instance of bureaucracy in action…

5 thoughts on “Homeland (In)Security Watch

  1. Remember when Democrats argued that allowing the security workers to organize would make the position more attractive to career-minded, qualified job hunters?

  2. You schmuck. They’re being protected already, and, in case you missed it, these are probably not the kind of guys to turn airport screening into a profession. Most likely because there are no real benefits to working for the TSA except the minimal ones offered. Having a union there would draw in more talented individuals and would help keep competent screeners around for longer. Your entire bitching about unions a second ago offers nothing except “well, the union would probably protect these guys just like the governent.”

    There are two things that need to be pointed out, then. One is that, while occasionally we’ve seen breaches of security post-9/11, these guys are starting to get the routine down. It’s tough to implement new procedures and standardize what works around the country, but they’ve been doing MUCH better than when private firms ran security and had non-English speaking undereducated workers protecting our lives.

    Second, seeing as how you have not given another reason why these workers should be denied the right to unionize other than the fact that unions tend to look out for union members (pretty much the status quo in this situation), is it not possible that maybe, just maybe, you simply screwed up your characterization of the argument over federalizing the screeners (a necessary step, given the sorry state of private screeners), then felt really stupid when it was noted that the Democrats sticking point was not government control but workers’ rights, and now just want to bitch about unions in general?

    Because that’s some great Conservativism With Attitude right there!

    Could you just try “conservative with substantce” every now and then, and stop maligning the people that gve us such horribly anticapitalistic measures as ensuring a massive customer base by getting a minimum wage and decent treatment of the people who have the skill necessary to perform a given task?

  3. Also, since you’ve apparently forgotten, it was not only House Democrats but also THE UNANIMOUS UNITED STATES SENATE IN A 100-0 VOTE that wanted Federalized screeners.

    Unless Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John McCain and Trent Lott are Democrats.

    Also, just so we’re clear, the right to organize isn’t the only benefit of government service denied to screeners. A better list, just so you get it right in the future, would be health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits (because I’ll spend a career doing important work if there’s no retirement benefits, right?), workers’ compensation, EOE rights and whistleblower protections.

    And, because the post you put up shows that you’ve consistently missed this point, THESE GUYS ARE FIRED THE SECOND THE SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION SAYS SO! Remember the 16,000 screeners that got pink slips last year around Memorial Day? Great job on providing workers’ protection!

    You just wanted to rip into Democrats and federal workers so badly that you didn’t bother to realize that, BECAUSE of the compromise made possible by House Democrats, those worker protections you cited DON’T APPLY in this situation. But don’t let a total inconsistency in your argument stop you from doing what you love.

  4. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t of been curious as well Jay. 😛

    Okay, so we’ve established that there was minimal danger to the people involved and there was no lapse in security as a result. So what do we have? Bored employees being dolts. Laugh at them for being stupid and punish them accordingly. End of story.


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