More Reasons Why We’re Winning

After hearing about how Iraq will be another Vietnam-like quagmire, February had the lowest number of coalition casualties of the conflict, and commanders continue to note that the overall number of attacks continues to decrease.

This isn’t surprising – by November we had killed most of the terrorist cannon fodder and the smarter ones were pulling off the more successful attacks during that month – except they were captured, killed, or detonated themselves.

As Abu Zarqawi noted, the resistance in Iraq is failing badly. They can’t people willing to die for the cause of putting the Iraqi people back in chains, they haven’t been able to incite the civil war they wanted to, and the last handful of Ba’athists are being hunted down like the animals they are.

Just don’t expect the media to note it.

3 thoughts on “More Reasons Why We’re Winning

  1. Don’t you hate when you gloat prematurely?

    Especially since February is much more likely to have been the uncharacteristic month. November was the deadliest, and January was a close second. Having 29 days of relative calm after an extremely deadly month, followed by a vicious and disastrous attack just 2 days into the next month is hardly a sign of progress. But then you’ve been manufacturing signs of victory since November, when you thought that the fact that the month was the deadliest yet was a sign of desperation.

    But I gave up expecting a consistent point from the chickenhawks long ago.

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