Domique de Villepin’s Big Lie

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin has said quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in quite some time. His comment?

De Villepin tells a French newspaper (Le Monde) that claims by the U.S. that toppling Saddam Hussein would make the world safer haven’t turned out to be true.

He says “terrorism didn’t exist in Iraq before” the war — but that Iraq is now one of “the world’s principal sources” of terror.

Quelle connerie!

So, selon M. de Villepin, Abu Abbas (who murdered American citizen Leon Klinghoffer on board the Achille Lauro) wasn’t a terrorist? The training center at Salmon Pak wasn’t a terrorist training center? That Abu al-Zarqawi wasn’t sheltered by Iraq? That Ansar-i-Islam doesn’t exist? That those checks to suicide bombers that Saddam Hussein talked about on Iraqi TV was all a fiction? That there was no Mukhabarat? That the mountains of evidence linking Saddam Hussein to groups from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas to Hizb’Allah doesn’t exist?

Furthermore, the vast majority of the terrorists in Iraq aren’t Iraqis – they’re foreign fighters brought in from other countries to sabotage attempts to create a democratic and free Iraq.

Which leaves only one question:

Is de Villepin a complete idiot, or just horrendously dishonest?

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