Irony Defined

This belongs in the dictionary definition of irony:

“Today, George Bush proved to the American people that he is incapable of solving our economic problems for the simple reason that he doesn’t see them,” the Massachusetts senator said in a statement issued as he enjoyed the Sun Valley ski country.

It could be more ironic, if Kerry were say, speaking from Martha’s Vineyard, but it does demonstrate the fundamental irony of the Kerry campaign – that someone who has lived with a silver spoon up his ass for his entire life is suddenly the paragon of the Common Man.

Personally, I’d rather trust a President who spends his vacation clearing brush…

2 thoughts on “Irony Defined

  1. WTF. That was a perfectly valid comment.

    Neither of these two have much of anything in common with your ‘Common Man’, furthermore what the hell does this statement or the greater point Kerry was trying to make have anything to do with the candidates commonality with your ‘Common Man’?

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That was my point. Would it have been so hard to either offer a rebuttal or at the very least ask for an explanation if my (what I thought were very clear) words were confusing you? Your confidence in Bush must be very low indeed if you found it inflammatory, the only of your rules I might have been infringing upon.

    I’m not going to troll on your site Jay, you should know that.

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