Clarke To Get The Martha Treatment?

Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is looking at Richard Clarke’s testimony and whether he may have lied to Congress. Clarke’s credibility has already been pretty well savaged and it is clear that Clarke’s testimony is utterly fraudulent. The fact that his book was delayed to coincide with his testimony was already a red flag, but the fact that he’s on the record contradicting everything he’s said lately is completely damning. (The fact that he lied about the book being delayed by the White House is only added to his problems – when Publisher’s Weekly had a release date in April months ago, Clarke suddenly got caught in yet another lie.)

I hope Rep. Goss thoroughly investigates Clarke’s fraudulent testimony. From what evidence exists, Clarke was working with Viacom to hype his book through 60 Minutes – an act which not only includes lying to Congress, but potentially conspiracy as well – charges that would be more than enough to not only ruin Clarke, but take down the spin merchants at Viacom as well.

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