3 thoughts on “Standing Tall

  1. Good for her! But it is tragic how consumed with hate the people who jeered her are. And she’s just a kid holding a flag.

    Nice to see the school wants to ignore this and pretend it never happened.

    “But Laura still hadn’t been asked by reporters what she thought.

    A planned interview Friday was stopped by the school, which called Laura’s mother, Susan Reiser, and urged her to tell her daughter to simply put the incident behind them.”

  2. Hardly newsworth. I’m a Canadian. I support the U.S., and many of us do. A few ignorant kids booing a flag is hardly equal to the headline. Plus, as she said herself at the end of the article, she knows most Canadians would support her.

    Too often, Canadians are painted with a broad brush. Our boys and girls (mostly boys) are currently fighting and dying in the war on terrorism.

    The other little secret? We did support and contribute in Iraq:

    last March, during the war, in a speech to the Economic Club in Toronto, US Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci stated that, although he was disappointed in Canada for not participating in the “Coalition of the Willing”, Canadians indirectly provide more support for the US in Iraq than “most of those 46 countries that are fully supporting us. It’s kind of an odd situation.”
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