Crashing The Party

Via Spoons, I’ve come across another excellent blog – LeanWRITE – a blog by a Bush Democrat. It’s interesting seeing how many Democrats are quietly (and not so quietly) moving over to the Bush side. Sen. Zell Miller and former NYC mayor Ed Koch are only the most visible parts of what may well be a real movement. The hardcore Bush-haters of the Democratic Party may get all the press, but I suspect the weakness of Kerry as a candidate, the Democrat’s feckless foreign policy, and the absolute viciousness of the Bush-haters are turning off many moderate Democrats. Even if this movement represents less than 5% of the Democratic base it could easily be enough to put George W. Bush back in for a second term.

If nothing else, LeanWRITE shows that not all Democrats are stricken with terminal cases of Bush Derangement Syndome.

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