Sadr Stands Alone

It appears as though Moqata Sadr, the Shi’ite “cleric” has made a rather devastating mistake. Rather than lead a popular uprising, the Iraqi people have decisively turned against him – Sistani has rejected him, and now his “army” is about to be crushed by the coalition and the New Iraqi Army.

It’s important not to assume that all Iraqis are terrorists – more often than not they are the victims of terrorism. They have seen the horrors of totalitarianism and they know where it leads.

They’re not about to go down that road again, and we have the obligation to ensure that a few radicals don’t undo all that the Americans and Iraqis who have died in this war have given their lives to achieve.

UPDATE: It appears that Mahdi Army is hardly an impressive fighting force… just a bunch of thugs that need to be treated as such.

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