Clarke Gets Caught Lying… Again

Captain Ed has an excellent series that shows that Richard Clarke’s claims that terrorism and al-Qaeda were the Clinton Administration’s top concern isn’t remotely true. (The first part is here, followed by part two, and a third part.)

As he notices in the Clinton report, there is no mention of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is only mentioned four times – and never as the major priority that Clarke claimed he was.

Clarke’s credibility is roughly zero at this point – it’s clear he’s towing the Clinton line to try and rehabilitate Clinton’s shattered “legacy” by altering the record to favor Clinton. However, for all his spinning, he can’t ignore that there’s absolutely no substantive evidence to prove it.

2 thoughts on “Clarke Gets Caught Lying… Again

  1. Besides:
    -colin Powell saying that the evidences in his UN presentation may not have been so strong…
    -a white house official validated Clarkes when he was saying that Irak was definitely a priority for Bush 10 days after 9/11 – when the “obvious to Jay only” link to Al-Qaeda was still lacking of any support

    But this is nothing I guess…

    This is about the 5th official the administration is sacking. How many dumb/liers/leftist partisan are they hiring in the end? How can those people accept to lose a valuable job like this, knowing that they will never work for the administration again after that? For TRUTH? Hell not, it must be Soros funding these guys!!

  2. Read the Clinton report. If Clarke were telling the truth al-Qaeda would be listed as a top priority in that document.

    It wasn’t, he was lying, end of story.

    And of course Iraq was a priority after September 11. An Iraqi agent known to be in Baghdad was involved in the first World Trade Center bombing. Saddam had threatened the US on countless occasions. It would be only logical to assume that he would be a top suspect.

    And if Bush was so gung-ho about getting Saddam, why did he wait a year and a half to get the UN on board, giving Saddam time to train more fedayeen and ship his missiles and weapons to Syria?

    Clarke’s story is BS through and through, and tomorrow when Condoleezza Rice testifies it’ll be old news.

    Hell not, it must be Soros funding these guys!!

    Try Viacom/CBS, that paid Clarke over $1 million for his little pack of lies.

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