10 Million Jobs = One Big Lie

John Kerry is making the centerpiece of his campaign the idea that he will "create ten million jobs". Of course, how in the world the President can create ten million jobs (collective farming perhaps?) is never really answered by the Kerry campaign.

Now, Everything I Know Is Wrong dissects Kerry’s claims and finds them baseless. Kerry stating that he will create 10 million jobs is about as logical as saying that he’ll give everyone in the US a puppy – it’s a nice way of pandering, but nothing more.

7 thoughts on “10 Million Jobs = One Big Lie

  1. If by going in the right direction you’d be wrong as well. Kerry’s policies would gut the economy. We wouldn’t get 10 million new jobs – we’d lose probably that number. Protectionism, high taxes, and high government spending are all recipes for the bad old days of the Carter Administration.

  2. Did you say “high government spending”? Did you notice the budget deficit and the enormous girth of the Federal Budge? In reality, Bush has outspent any President in recent memory. BTW: You didn’t answer my question. It’s a simple, direct question. How many jobs has Bush lost?

  3. -4,605,000 Thanks for the good laugh Jay. Facts, can be so inconvenient to the misinformed. That’s a mighty strong brick wall Kerry’s up against. I just can’t see how this will be a close election. When does the challenging candidate usually lay out any kind of actual plans he intends to implement? Will JFKjrjr have any soon? The world may never know.

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