More On The African Uranium Case

Amb. Joseph Wilson, the man who fueled leftist charges that the Bush Administration had "lied" about Iraq seeking uranium from Africa has now said that a key Iraqi official did meet with officials from Niger in 1999. Of course, he hadn’t bothered to confirm this source until well after he had made his allegations.

So, Bush "lied" about Iraq seeking uranium from Africa when the British said they were trying, French intelligence agrees, and now the man who was behind much of the scandal suddenly finds out that there’s evidence that he was completely wrong.

So far the liberal whistleblowers seem to be raining on their own parade. Wilson says Bush "lied" – now he contradicts himself. Liberals argue that Bush was a coward for not going straight to Washington on September 11 – then Richard Clarke says he was the one who had told him to do so. Liberals run with Bob Woodward’s allegation that Bush had gotten a sweetheart oil deal from the Saudis – then Woodward himself says it wasn’t true.

When you’ve concocted a web of spurious allegations, keeping track of who said what and keeping your story straight is difficult to say the least.

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