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  1. If it was such a major defeat, why did France come back a year later and defeat Mexico then goose step into Mexico City unopposed? Cinco De Mayo celebrates the victory of a battle, not a war. If it wasn’t for Prussian strength in Europe and France needing to divert its resources, the occupation could have lasted even longer than 4 years. Revisionists claim that the USA intimidated France. That’s utter rubbish, the army that emerged from the civil war was battle tested but not strong enough to take out France at that point. So it was more coinicidence (growing strength of Prussia) that enforced the Monroe Doctrine instead of the US Army. I am history major, so I am not going to be fooled quite so easily. BTW.. the austrian emperor who ruled Mexico, Maxmillian, claimed to be a true Mexican patriot when he was shot at in 1867.

  2. Your only celebrate the fact that this date was a french defeat???

    You’re just plain stupid. This kind of mentality make me feel like you deserve to lose. And you will.

  3. I was being sarcastic.

    Actually, Cinco de Mayo is significant in American history as well as the French were considering reinforcing the Confederacy at the time. After the battle, Napolean III withdrew his support. The Confederacy would have falled eventually (they had no industrial base to speak of), but support from Napolean III through Mexico could have extended the war by years and thousands of lives.

    That and the battle was lost be a combination of Mexican audacity and French stupidity. (The French calvary turned to follow the Mexicans away from the battlefield and the French charged through a muddy field in a thunderstorm into the midst of a cattle stampede.) It’s one of the more interesting military engagements in world history and one of the biggest upsets since Cannae.

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