Fighting Spam

The first set of invoices have been sent out for commercial spam messages on this site. At this point, Eleventh Street Ventures (notorious spammers) now owe me $4000 for spamming their crap on this site.

You spam, you pay.

UPDATE: Just as a note, the $1000/message figure isn’t something I pulled out of my ass. Under California’s anti-spamming laws (and Eleventh Street Ventures is aparently based in California) that is the maximum charge in violation of California Section 17529.2. (Not inclusive of legal fees).

ADDENDUM: The relevant statute is California’s Business & Professions Code section 17529.2 and the $1000 limit is in Section 17529.8 of that code. Thanks to a legally minded reader for pointing that out.

I haven’t heard back from Eleventh Street yet. I’ve given them 60 days… we’ll see if they go through or not and where to go from then.

3 thoughts on “Fighting Spam

  1. When you get the $4000, are you going to throw a big party or something, complete with hors d’oeuvres and Summit Extra Pale Ale?

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