Rules For Debate

Frank J. has an interesting guide to civil discourse… A sample:

DO try to find areas of agreement no matter how much you differ on an issue.
DON’T compare the other person’s views to Hitler. Hitler was a bad man, and no one likes being compared to him.


2 thoughts on “Rules For Debate

  1. As a student of UW-Madison I frequently see posters of Bush and Aschcroft with little mustaches drawn on them implying they are somehow like Hitler. I like political discussions, but that stuff is just offensive and untrue.

  2. if you follow the link given by Jay for a fair discussion, you will find a nice T-shirt “know thy enemy”, with fun facts on french. Being french, I find these allegations offensive and untrue. So who are these persons asking you not to compare Bush with Hitler, because it’s not fair, and then will spread their dumb ideas on french???

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