More Bad News For John Kerry

A SurveyUSA poll finds that John Kerry is up by only one point in California. If this poll isn’t a statistical aberration (which it could be), it indicates Kerry is in real trouble. The chances of Bush winning California seem small – but even if he doesn’t this allows the President to force Kerry to have to campaign in what should be a safe Democratic state – drawing resources away from other swing states.

I’m quite surprised that the Iraq prison scandals haven’t forced Bush’s numbers down – instead the last week of polling shows they’re remarkably stable and he’s still tied with Kerry in a two-way race and ahead in a three-way race. The dynamics of this election show that Bush is in a much stronger position than one would expect after months of constant media attacks.

3 thoughts on “More Bad News For John Kerry

  1. I think this means the American public is not falling for media hysterics anymore. Yes, we are all horrified by the abuse of prisoners, but we know it’s just a few, not the whole military.

  2. I hope clear-thinking Americans are sitting back shaking their heads all this nonsense. Big Media does not represent America, and I have faith that they will let them know it at the polls in November.

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