What An Ass

Mitch Berg finds yet another example of John Kerry being a major-league asshole. I’m willing to cut politicians a bit of slack, as we all say things we later regret, but Kerry has a history of this kind of mean-spirited arrogance. That kind of statement is completely inappropriate and totally disrespectful. This country needs a leader, not someone who sounds like your typical DU troll.

Of course, this is going to come home to roost for Kerry sooner or later. The debates this fall will be very interesting. With Kerry’s polling on likability and trustworthiness already in the toilet, I have a feeling the debates will be a key point in the race. Just look at what happened to Gore’s numbers after the debates. Kerry’s natural patrician arrogance will not serve him well in making his case to the American people.

4 thoughts on “What An Ass

  1. What I found less than funny was the White House line on Bush’s little spill in the first place:

    The president was nearing the end of a 17-mile ride on his mountain bike, accompanied by a Secret Service agent, a military aide and his personal physician, Richard Tubb, who treated him at the scene, said White House spokesman Trent Duffy.

    “It’s been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose,” Duffy said.

    Recent precipitation in Crawford, TX:

    May 22: 0″
    May 21: 0″
    May 20: 0″
    May 19: 0″
    May 18: 0″
    May 17: 0″
    May 16: 0″
    May 15: 0″
    May 14: 0.03″
    May 13: 2.79″
    May 12: 0″
    May 11: 0.15″
    May 10: 0″
    May 9: 0″

    So the White House lies even just to spare the Pres a little embarassment about being clumsy? I’ll take Kerry’s barbs over Bush and co’s problem with the truth any day of the week.

  2. Jesus, how low must the Bush haters go? It rained three inches in one day a week ago, which is going to make a pretty damn big bit of difference. I know the Bush-haters will go to any length to make asses of themselves, but this is fucking asinine.

    Here’s a little primer for you: heavy range washes soil down slopes. Ride on slopes a week later, and you’ll be riding on the soil the rain washed down. Meaning it’s a lot easier to fall down go boom.

    God, get a fucking grip.

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