SD Election Update

I’ll be live-blogging the election in South Dakota from Sioux Falls tonight. The polls closed here in South Dakota a half-hour ago, and it appears that the turnout will be heavy. The eastern Sioux Falls precinct I saw had nearly 100 people waiting in line to vote at 6:15. Sioux Falls is by far the largest city in the state with over 130,000 residents out of the 750,000 residents of South Dakota. Winning Sioux Falls will be key to winning this race.

Based on the lawn signs, Diedrich may be doing well. However, lawn signs don’t equate to votes, and this race is very much up in the air. At 8PM CST, the South Dakota Secretary of State will be posting live election results here. I’ll also be following the local media as best I can for the latest updates as they happen.

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