An American Legend Passes



Former President Ronald Reagan has passed away at the age of 93 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. More as the story develops.

FoxNews has more.

Reagan was a man of singular vision. He had a completely heartfelt and utterly honest belief in the American people. He believed that the American people had unlimited potential, and did everything he could to free that potential wherever he could. He was an unapologetic patriot, an unrepentent American, and an unafraid conservative. There are few in politics who are unafraid to be completely committed to their principles. Ronald Reagan was one of those few.

Reagan was an American icon, a legend that fought against tyranny across the globe. His legacy lives on in the spirit of American optimism, and the freedom of those in places like East Germany and the former republics of the Soviet Union. He left the world a better, stronger, and freer place than he found it.

Hindrocket of Power Line: No one in this century has made a greater contribution to his country, or to the freedom of the world’s peoples. Is there room for one more on Mount Rushmore?

Mitch Berg:

But over time, when juxtaposing the worlds and the Americas envisioned by Reagan with that of his opponents – a world of malaise versus a world of hope; a world of coexistence with the threat of nuclear oblivion versus victory over it; a world of self-abnegation before tyrants and murderers versus a world where they were negated – my resistance to the idea of being one of those people faded as I tripped upon one of the key ideas of my life:

Ronald Reagan’s imagination was better than that of his opponents.

Lou Cannon has a great obituary of The Great Communicator in The Washington Post.

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