Trying Saddam

I have to agree with Stephen Green on this one. If Saddam Hussein were to somehow go free it would be the biggest insult to the millions he murdered and a terrible blow for real human rights. There are times when the best interests of human rights are not served with trials or other artifices of civilization, there are times when they are served by putting a bullet through the brain of a tyrant.

A man who is responsible for the systematic slaughter of hundreds of thousands has abrogated any right to the niceties of civilization. Brutality on that scale deserves no reward. The only incentive to play by the rules of civilization should is being treated by the rules of civilization – by placing tyrants and terrorists under those rules we only undermine those values.

One thought on “Trying Saddam

  1. There are times when the best interests of human rights are not served with trials

    I might even agree with you on that one – as far as only Saddam and his past crimes are concerned. However, in order to avoid making Saddam look like a martyr to some (and thus giving rise to new Saddams), he HAS to be tried properly. ALL the tedious niceties of trials have to be adhered to, so that the full extent of Saddam’s crimes becomes visible. Just putting a bullet through his brain, or some voltage through his body, or some chemicals into his veins, may satisfy a desire for revenge. For whatever that is worth. It would also lower us to the level we accuse him of having. (Well, maybe not all the way down)
    If we are to maintain the claim that we are fighting for the right side, Saddam HAS to be tried.

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