To DC, One Last Time


The body of Ronald Reagan is headed back to Washington DC one last time where he will lie in state in the Capitol before his burial in his beloved California. The line of mourners extended for a mile and a half as Reagan left his Presidential Library in Simi Valley bound for the trip on the Presidential 747.

Reagan mourners in Nicaragua
Nicaraguans mourn the death of former President Ronald Reagan at Managua’s Central Cathedral.

The outpouring of grief and support for Reagan has been astonishing. 200,000 mourners are expected to visit Reagan’s casket while it lies in state under the Rotunda. Across the globe, from Latin America to Eastern Europe, the people who now live in freedom also celebrate the life and mourn the death of The Great Communicator.

UPDATE: Power Line has more images of the procession.

2 thoughts on “To DC, One Last Time

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  2. I think at the time of this man’s death, it’s important not to be discussing his foreign policy. There are those Reagan bashers who will do so for point-scoring gratification. I feel that during this time that is not respectful. As a Libertarian, I feel Reagan’s Latin American policies had some grave moral flaws, but during this time I do not feel as though discussing that is in good taste. The man did many good things for America on the domestic front and in the fight against Communism. He died a sad death, and those who will use this time for partisan attacks so soon after his passing can claim no moral high ground.

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