An Act Of Unbridled Hatred

A mural mear the French town of Perpignan painted by children on their way to Nazi death camps was destroyed by unknown vandals in an act of disgusting hatred.

Local authorities are in the process of building a memorial to all Rivesaltes’s prisoners, where the fresco was to be displayed. The interior minister, Dominique de Villepin, expressed his "indignation" at this "new attack on the memory of the children of the Holocaust".

Jewish groups and politicians have been saying for months that anti-Semitism is on the rise in France. Last week, the justice minister, Dominique Perben said 180 anti-Semitic acts had been recorded since the beginning of the year.

In 80 per cent of cases, the perpetrators have not been brought to justice. M Perben called for a "firmer, more dissuasive judicial response" to what he described as a "cancer".

Such is the dismay of France’s Jewish population that 30,000 French Jews are considering emigrating to Israel.

Under the circumstances, who could blame them?

One thought on “An Act Of Unbridled Hatred

  1. What is it you like so much about propaganda Jay? “Such is the dismay of France’s Jewish population that 30,000 French Jews are considering emigrating to Israel.”

    I know you hate France, and love Israël, but this shouldn’t mean you have to lose all sense of objectivity. As this interview from the leader of the Jewish community in France shows, the “30.000 jews willing to leave France” is a pure invention; another trick and propaganda from Israël. (,1-0@2-3226,36-369196,0.html)

    This country must be really disappointed that demographics will eventually kill Israël long before anyone …but this is not a reason to lie about the everyone’s feeling. For the record, please note that what most jews really want today is…leave Israël!! And they actually do, not only “intend to”…

    Furthermore, I would like to stress that you call “heroes” the american and coalitioned soldiers who stay in Iraq, because “it’s hard and dangerous but necessary to fight for your beliefs”, while on the other hand push for every jew in France to surrender to anti-semitism? Your double-standards are astonishing!

    Please believe that none of my jewish friends nor myself will let any form of religious integrism take the power in France. Say Hi to Georges and his religious crazy friends, and good luck for his “crusade” as he likes to call this dirty war.

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