The Bush Economy Rolls On

MSNBC reports on the very positive economic news and the coming boom in hiring. 30% of businesses plan to expand their labor force between May and September, a number which indicates a boom period for new job creation. Along with the jobs figures comes strong economic growth in all sectors of the economy.

Of course, if you ask John Kerry we’re still in the Great Depression part Deux. Then again, when you’re a millionaire married to a multi-multi-millionaire, everyone tends to look poor to you…

Of course, now that the economy looks to be good for Bush the media ignores the economy.…

5 thoughts on “The Bush Economy Rolls On

  1. Spare us the pseudo-populism. Funny how these same “multi-multi-millionaires” you disparage in one sentence are the same people you fight tooth and nail to dole out unnecessary budget-busting tax cuts to in the next sentence. As for the “30% of employers” expecting to add employees this summer, my guess is that 80% of them have names that start with Mc or Wal.

  2. You know, I recently heard a political add while flipping through channels. I only heard one line, “…pessimism never created a job.” From the sound of it I bet is was a Bush ad, but I could be wrong.

  3. Chris: That’s his latest… not a bad ad, although not a great one either.

    Mark: Wal-Mart and McDonald’s are 2 employers. Unless there are only 7 employers in the entire country, they wouldn’t count for 30%.

  4. There is only one Timken Company. There are a small number of GM assembly plants. There are McDonalds and Wal-Marts in most towns with 5,000 people. Are you suggesting that when it comes to “employers planning to hire,” the entire McDonalds corporation with thousands of stores nationwide counts as one employer just the same as Thune Hardware in Murdo, South Dakota? Seems unlikely.

    My guess is that if there are three McDonald’s in a town along with seven other employers and the three McDonald’s are the only places hiring, the sunny-faced administration hacks trying to paint a glowing job market picture will declare that “30% of employers” in that community are hiring, not 12.5%.

  5. The BLS definition of “employer” is as follows:

    A person or business that employees one or more people for wages or salary; the legal entity responsible for payment of quarterly unemployment insurance taxes or for reimbursing the state fund for unemployment insurance benefits costs in lieu of paying the quarterly taxes

    Franchises that are independently owned and operated counts as employers – but not must places like chain restaurants or Wal-Mart stores that are corporately owned.

    Furthermore, the statistics show growth across the employment spectrum in every field except government. That includes manufacturing, business services, and professional fields.

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