Vilsack No Va

Captain Ed reports that Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack’s support of an English-only law means his chances at being Kerry’s veep are slim. This leaves Kerry with an interesting conundrum – the next most likely candidate is Dick Gephardt, but his support of the war could cost Kerry significant votes from the anti-war bloc, unless Gephardt suddenly recants (entirely possible).

Of course, there are also a host of other options coming from left field (literally) including New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (who would help with those Hispanic votes). It will be interesting to see who Kerry eventually picks and what political benefits and liabilities come from that choice.

UPDATE: I confused Power Line and Captain’s Quarters when I first posted this. Blame it on the lack of coffee this morning.

2 thoughts on “Vilsack No Va

  1. If Kerry doesn’t pick Edwards, he’ll be pounded with a monthlong chorus of “what was he thinking?” by supporters and swing voters alike. All of Kerry’s synthetic and egomaniacal reasons for rejecting Edwards. Sure, Edwards has potential liabilities, but far fewer than any of the others you mentioned who would pale next to Edwards and make many voters wonder how serious Kerry is about becoming President if he refuses to select the one person everyone is demanding.

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