More French Appeasement

France stands accused of arresting pro-democracy Iranians in France in order to gain commercial contacts with Iran.

Lawyers for France’s human rights league, speaking on the anniversary of a huge police raid on the National Council of Resistance of Iran near Paris, pointed out “troubling coincidences” in the timing of the operation and a series of deals with Teheran.

In March last year, the regime signed a large contract with the French telecommunications group Alcatel for a telephone network.

In April last year Teheran offered the petrol giant TotalFina a £660 million gas fields contract. At the same time, a contract was signed with Renault to produce 500,000 cars over four years, the lawyers said.

Then, in June, police arrested 164 members of the Iranian opposition and placed 17 under investigation for having links with or funding terrorism. The authorities said they were looking for a link with a mortar attack on the office of the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, in Teheran in 2000.

“The public should ask itself why this type of operation [was made] at the same time as commercial contracts were signed with a tyrannical and terrorist regime,” said Patrick Baudoin, a lawyer.

One year on, not a shred of evidence incriminating the 17 had been found, said Mr Baudoin, who will file for the case to be closed next Tuesday. The French state had “flouted the rule of law to gain from petro-dollars”, he said.

The French ignoring terrorism and human rights violations in exchange for oil contracts? Quelle surprise!

One thought on “More French Appeasement

  1. Here are some facts you should know before starting your little jokes:
    1-the organisation of “moudjaidines of the revolution” is considered a terrorist organisation by both the US and the EU.
    2-huge amounts of money have been found in their houses.(crowded studio)
    3-164 have been arrested, but most of them are free today as soon as the police found out they were not planning an attack (there is no violation of human rights here: people knew why they were arrested and since they weren’t guilty they’re out!) As any lawyer would confirm, that’s not Guantanamo: it only take one year to the french police to realise someone is innocent. From a recent report (US report), military officals stated that most prisonners at Guantanamo were simple supporters of talibans, or truly innocent peasants. These persons are still in Guantanamo, where their hate for the (unfair)US is growing, and where they can “expand their network of friends”.
    4-you accuse France of going for petroleum, but as you state, we also passed on contracts for cars, phone network, etc. Who do you think Iran can sign contract with? Russia is providing poor quality material, and the US call them “evil”!!! No wonder they move to someone else.
    5-please find me a terrorist connection between France and Iran so everyone can see how stupid you are=>you’re accusing France of doing things she doesn’t and that the US are doing all the time!!! You’re shooting yourself!!

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