2 thoughts on “Attacks In Istanbul

  1. There was a bomb that went off in Istanbul yesterday as well killing a bomb disposal expert. There have been millitants of ansar al-islam detained in Istanbul. Also the dangerous left wing group Dev Sol has promised bombings, so this could be the work of Turkish Marxists and not Islamits. Dev Sol had 17 members arrested a month ago in both Turkey and Holland. And while it is unlikely, this could be the PKK since they are now off ceasefire. They have killed atleast 4 soldiers in diyarakbir province recently (this coming after the release of four Kurdish former MP’s of the pro-Kurdish DEP). Lastly there seems to have been some anti-NATO activity in Adana as well, possibly due to a right wing nationalist group. With threats from Kurdish Seperatists, Milliant Marxists, Islamic Extremists, and occasionally far right secular nationalists, it shows that Turkey is fighting a war on many fronts. We need to stick with Turkey, one of only two democracies in the middle east.

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