Bremer Stonewalls

Members of Congress are demanding that CPA head Paul Bremer cooperate in the investigation of the UN oil-for-food scandal. Bremer has not turned over documents in the CPA’s possession that are relevant to the investigation of the UN program that ended up giving $10 billion in "humanitarian aid" directly to Saddam’s coffers while top UN officials skimmed millions more off the top.

It is absolutely critical that those responsible for the UN’s shameful aiding of Hussein’s tyranny be brought to justice – up to and including Kofi Annan himself. Bremer should immediately turn over all documentation relating to the oil-for-food program and cooperate fully with the Congressional investigation into the scandal – and if he refuses Congress should subpoena him.

2 thoughts on “Bremer Stonewalls

  1. So, by Sauron’s own argument, al-Qaeda isn’t a threat because they have NO AIRFORCE. Because it’s obvious that if you have NO AIRFORCE you simply can’t attack anyone. Why, with NO AIRFORCE you couldn’t say, drive planes into buildings. With NO AIRFORCE you can’t deliver chemical or biological weapons. Certainly you couldn’t just put them in a bloody thermos bottle. If you have NO AIRFORCE you’re just not a threat.

    Should we have let Iraq borrow some of our planes so it would be a fair fight then?

    I’ve the feeling someone has NO CLUE what the hell they’re talking about.

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