Another IE Warning

A new worm is using IE flaws to capture bank account information.

If your bank demands you use IE for online banking, then I would be calling their IT departments as well as their security departments and demand they change. Either that or switch to a bank that doesn’t lock you into using insecure and dangerous products. (For example, Wells Fargo’s online banking system works flawlessly with Mozilla.)

And if you’re still using IE, why?

UPDATE: The Houston Chronicle agrees.

UPDATE: So does eWeek

UPDATE: …and so does Business Week

2 thoughts on “Another IE Warning

  1. Ironically, I may be forced to go back to using the loathsome Firefox, because Windows still won’t recognize IE as my default browser once I uninstalled Firefox! This is intolerable, as I click on links in Outlook all the time, and am not prepared to do a cut and paste every single time.

    Unfortunately, this means that I’ll no longer be able to use any of the excellent Movable Type shortcuts (particularly right-click blogging) that work with IE but not Firefox. That’s gonna make blogging a much bigger pain in the ass.

    I therefore now hate Firefox for hijacking my system (and for just being an all-around clunky browsing experience), AND Microsoft for not recognizing IE again once I got rid of Firefox. It’s like Windows is trying to punish me for cheating on them.

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