Catholic Church: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism

A group of Catholic and Jewish intellectuals have come together have publically condemn anti-Zionism as being a form of anti-Semitism. Zionism is, at its core, the belief that the Jewish people have the right of self-determination. Arguing otherwise diminishes the Jewish people and places them below other ethnic groups for which self-determination is considered an innate right.

While criticism of Israel is fair and proper, arguing that the nation of Israel has no right to exist is not. This form of noxious anti-Zionism is little more than a socially acceptable outlet to vent the same kind of virulent anti-Semitism that once swept the world and remains strong in the Middle East today.

6 thoughts on “Catholic Church: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism

  1. It’s interesting that one of the hotbeds of anti-Semitism now is in France. In fact where cultures become anti-religious they tend to also, surprise, surprise, become anti-Semitic. That is one reason why the anti-religion movement in this country is so troubling.

  2. There are so many liberals that are what I call reverse-evangelists. It isn’t that they don’t believe in any religion; that is their right. It’s that they are downright hostile towards religion and look down upon those who are religious. They are not just atheists and agnostics, they are anti-religionists, and that is a sign of intolerance.

    Where this hostile attitude towards religion flares is also where anti-Semitism flares as well.

  3. They are not just atheists and agnostics, they are anti-religionists, and that is a sign of intolerance.

    Exactly the sort of intolerant bigotry I would expect from an anti-atheist such as yourself.

    I wasn’t aware it was “anti-religious” to assert one’s Constitutional rights in the face of Christian biotry.

  4. Remember how I told you that semitic means in fact a lot more than just jews (including also arabs)? Because of its global use, most people understand semitic as jewish today. So be it.

    Zionism has the same problem. Even though I agree with your definition of zionism as it should be, and therefore totally accept that jews have the right to self-determination, I think zionism is not used as such today. Zionism is now seen as the ideology that pretends that only jews have the right to live in Israel, because it was “a country without a population for a population without a country”, and the land was the promised land, and the jews were the choosen. This sentence that led to the creation of Israel was a lie, and palestinians should have the same rights as jews in these territories.

    Just an example:
    -I have many french friends
    -many french are racist (true)
    => there is a type of french I don’t like (but not all).

    Same thing with jews:
    -I have many jewish friends
    -Some jews are calling themselves “the choosen”, which means that they consider themselves superior (übermensch uin nazi speaking)
    =>there is a type of jews I don’t like, but not all of them. This is not anti-semitism but it’s opposite: it’s anti-racism. The only jews I don’t like are those who actually are racists. Among this group you will find of course Mr Sharon, Mr Netanyahu and most settlers.

    The wall is the best expression of this Zionist racist ideology: the supreme court of Israel and the international court of Justcice are declaring it illegal, and insist for it to be located where the border should be. Sharon doesn’t care, and will grab land anyway.

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