Announcing Red State


Ben Domenech (, Mike Krempasky (, and the pseudonymous blogger Tacitus ( are pleased to announce the launch of a new online Republican community website: Red State.

Red State will be an online rallying point for the Right. It will function as a public square where Republicans can interact, debate, and share information on a wide variety of political issues independent of the official party structure. Red State will be a gathering place of responsible voices, stimulating debate, and constructive action that fully mobilizes conservative intellectual and organizational resources to create a strong and vibrant presence in the weblog medium. Through Red State, the political blogging of the Right can gain the critical mass it needs for the battle ahead.

Red State may be found at

I’ll be a contributor to this project, providing electoral analysis on the 2004 Presidential contest as well as the key Daschle v. Thune race in South Dakota and more. This is going to be a very interesting project, and I’m quite pleased to be a part of getting it off the ground.

4 thoughts on “Announcing Red State

  1. I joined today, Jay. Username: GravyMaster

    I’m looking foward to your work on there, and let’s hope this can hit the ground running.

  2. Hmm… and to think that just a few years ago, any group called “Red State” would have been anything but Republican… 😉

  3. Why is it in Canada that the Consevatives are Blue and the Liberals are Red? You would think North America could come up with a standard color coding policy for left-right splits.

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