Au Revoir, Jacques?

It appears as though Jacques Chirac is about to be told allez au diable by his own party:

A younger generation, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, the finance minister, is flagrantly conspiring to end Mr Chirac’s political career on their timetable rather than his, ahead of the 2007 presidential election. Rebels say they are tired of his moderation and cronyism and that France desperately needs more dynamic leadership.

Well, they’re exactly right on that count. Chirac’s “leadership” has been a disaster for France, and his efforts to arrogantly take control of the EU along with Germany have severely backfired. France is in desperate need of new leadership, and hopefully it will have it soon.

6 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Jacques?

  1. Interesting that Sharon is now advising Jewish people to leave France due to rampant anti-Semitism. And to think that France is the country that Kerry so admires and wants us to emulate.

    Too many people think of France like the country in a tourist brochure; if people knew the real truth about France they wouldn’t worry that sometimes they disagree with us; in fact they would be glad that we are so different.

  2. AT, if you hate France so much, why don’t you send back their gifts? You know, like the Statue of Liberty, or our freedom from Britain.

    I’ve been to France, which is probably more than AT can say, and I do agree that they are, in some ways, different than us. And they may have policies that are not successful, or their leaders may have made bad decisions.

    I don’t understand how that makes France and the French irredeemably bad.

    Oh and I simply igorned your accusation that Kerry is an anti-semite as nothing but further evidence of your anti-Kerry psychosis; I reccomend other people do the same. There’s simply no reasoning with you Kerry-haters.

  3. For everyone’s interest, the french jewish community secretary-general has sent a press release in response to Sharon. The press-release goes like:” What the hell???”(emphasis is mine)

    “De son côté, Patrick Klugman, ancien président de l’Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF) et vice-président de SOS-Racisme, a estimé, sur France 2, qu’Ariel Sharon était “très mal informé de ce qui se passe en France” et “de la réalité des juifs de France”.

    Pour le président de la Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme (Licra), Patrick Gaubert, Ariel Sharon “aurait mieux fait de se taire” car “ses propos n’amèneront pas le calme et la paix et la sérénité dont nous avons tous besoin”.

    It seems like french jews are not ready to replace the endangered population of Israel to please Saron’s political needs…

    AT, there’s something you should learn: differences are great! Only differences create value, diversity and allow imagination. French people are really different than Americans, but that’s precisely what make it so great to discover! To hate what is different is called racism you know?

  4. To come back to Jay’s very interesting topic: Yes, Jacques Chirac is dead, killed by Sarkozy. There are still 3 years though, and you’ll never know what comes next…Wait until the french actually realize that Sarkozy is very supportive of Bush…

  5. “Interesting that Sharon is now advising Jewish people to leave France due to rampant anti-Semitism”

    1)You would like democrat french jews to surrender to “terrorism” and leave the country as soon as there is a problem?

    2)I thought only cowards like spaniards and phillipins could be so stupid to surrender so easily(in your mouth)!

    3)If you want french jews to leave France, you want the same thing as the antisemitic want!!!

    You could also have noted that:
    1-Saron acknowledged the fact that french authorities are fighting antisemitism
    2-all french jewish community association have accused Sharon of BS!

  6. As rare as this may be, Vincent has a point. While the French government has been woefully inadaquate in fighting anti-Semitism, having the Jews leave only encourages the anti-Semites. Never again should French Jews allow anyone to ghettoize them, even if it’s supposedly for their own good.

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