BREAKING: Berger Quits Kerry Campaign

It is being reported that Sandy Berger is leaving his position as John Kerry’s chief foreign policy advisor after removing classified documents relating to US anti-terror strategies. More as the story develops…

UPDATE: The Command Post has more. The current rumor (unsubstantiated, of course) is that Berger was trying to remove materials that would benefit the Kerry campaign.

I have a feeling that this is going to be very big…

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Berger Quits Kerry Campaign

  1. This is going to be huge, and even the liberal media won’t be able to suppress it, though they might try.

    Let’s face it…what Berger did is inexcusable. His explanation just doesn’t fly. He acts like he was this amateur in handling classified materials, which obviously he was not. He knew better…and if the average person did what Berger did, they would be in prison.

  2. Prison might be a little extreem. The person certainly would have lost his job/clearance and a through ripping by the proper authorities. Maybe even fines.

  3. If most people in this country knew what it was like to be given access to classified materials…knew the types of protocols and training established…knew how serious it was treated…then no one would buy Berger’s lame explanation.

    If the connection to the Kerry campaign is true, then this will be a bigger scandal than Watergate. To steal top secret docs for an election advantage, and in the process compromise our national security, would make Watergate look small by comparison.

    Given the highly corrupt nature of the Kerry campaign, that is very realistic.

  4. Do we know the classifications of the documents? Were they “top secret”, “secret” (confidential would be unlikly no one uses it much anymore) It could have been NATO classifications which are even more different.

  5. Joecrazy: According to CNN (hardly a voice for Bush):
    A government source said some of the documents at issue were classified as “code word” materials — the highest level of secrecy in the U.S. government, held more closely than nuclear secrets.

    So I would say Berger did some very wrong and strange things with the most sensitive secret docs of our country.

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