The Kerry Cut And Run

At RedState Tacitus has an absolutely brilliant post on why he believes John Kerry is preparing for a withdrawl from Iraq if elected. Unfortunately, I have to agree with his analysis.

Kerry is beholden to the far left wing of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are overwhelmingly anti-war. Kerry does not have the political will to stay the course in Iraq. Tactitus’ brilliant analysis makes this quite clear.

And this is precisely why a John Kerry administration would be a humanitarian disaster.

The damage Kerry would invariably do to the economy could be mitigated by a Republican Congress. The damage that Kerry would do to the 25 million people in Iraq could not be. Without our support, the new Iraqi government would be swept away before they could defend themselves. Iraq would fall into utter chaos. The humanitarian results would be nothing less than horrendous – at best the Ba’athists would win and plunge Iraq back into tyranny.

Worse would be an Iraq under shari’a – 25 million people in chains – the Taliban reborn.

I am saddened and sickened by the reaction of the anti-war left in this country. Because of John Kerry and his ilk millions of people were murdered in Indochina by the Communist forces of the North Vietnamese and the Khmer Rouge. Kerry would once again allow history to repeat itself by abandoning the people of Iraq to be slaughtered en masse. Do we believe in human rights? Then we have the obligation to support the rights of the Iraqi people. A belief in basic human rights is entirely incompatible with the belief of Michael Moore that the savages beheading are somehow a “revolution” that we should simply allow to happen. Anyone who makes excuses for such savagery is making an apologia for an ideology every bit as disgusting and totalitarian as Nazism. In that regard, the ideology of Michael Moore is no more morally acceptable than Holocaust denial – except that Holocaust deniers are rightly condemned, and Michael Moore gets a seat of honor at the Democratic National Convention.

If we should let that happen, we will bear the moral stain of failing to protect the Iraqi people from the tide of Islamic fascism. We cannot “restore our credibility” by abandoning the most basic principles of human rights, justice, and morality.

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