Dakota Blog Conference

Just a note that I’ll be attending the Dakota Blog Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota tomorrow. It’s at Augustana College, and should be an interesting discussion of how blogging effects the media and politics. I may live-blog what I can between sessions – although I doubt that Augie has wireless access. Hindrocket from Power Line is the keynote speaker, and the rest of the Dakota Alliance of blogs will be there.

I know, spending my birthday at a blogging conference… I believe I have achieved a new pinnacle of wonkishness…

6 thoughts on “Dakota Blog Conference

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  2. Hmm, that looks really interesting. I’m busy in the afternoon… but I could probably make the morning events. 🙂

  3. just wanted to say your blog is great..and if you’re in south dakota whether you can tell us anything about the Daschle-Thune race there?

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