7 thoughts on “Clinton Hospitalized

  1. If we were conspiracy theorists like the folks at Democratic Underground, we’d wonder if this is all some kind of a ploy to gain sympathy for John Kerry. Fortunately, we aren’t like that, so we’ll just wish President Clinton a swift recovery.

  2. BarCode, on the other hand, a week of watching the Republican Convention is enough to aggravate the heart condition of any rational-thinking person..

  3. I think what aggravated Clinton was when he saw Kerry’s lame midnight speech…talk about jumping the shark…

  4. Chris: I can’t speak for anyone else, but my comment is more tongue in cheek than anything else…

    I mean, there’s not much else one can say except to wish the guy a speedy recovery…and I do believe with modern medicine that Clinton will pull out of this just fine…

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