Money Wasted

Jon Lauck reports on Daschle’s massive spending spree in South Dakota which works out to nearly $32.25 per voter in South Dakota! That wipes away the record set by Sen. Jon “Moneybags” Corzine in 2000 when he spent the equivalent of $13/voter.

Well, I’m thinking that the sum of $32.25 would be an excellent figure to donate to the Thune campaign to help him defeat Daschle and end the Daschle Dead Zone in the United States Senate…

6 thoughts on “Money Wasted

  1. It’d be interesting to find out what Thune is spending per capita. When I drove through South Dakota 10 days ago, I heard substantially more radio ads for Thune than Daschle on several different stations….yet Thune still can’t produce a poll lead.

  2. Thune’s only leads have come from internal GOP pollsters…showing him up by two and three points, respectively. The Argus Leader poll Nicholas cited and a Democratic internal poll showed Daschle leading by five and eight points, respectively. I think I’d prefer to be in Daschle’s shoes.

  3. The Argus poll is the Mason/Dixon poll. Rassmussen’s last poll also showed a Thune lead of 3 points.

    Of course, polling South Dakota tends to be a crapshoot and its damn near impossible to get an accurate prediction. My guess is that the race is nowhere near an 8 point spread between Thune and Daschle and the race is wide open at this point. As much as I’d like to have a prediction in this race, I just have no idea where things will end up. The only thing I do know is that it’s a very close race and both sides are spending a lot of money in order to win.

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