Stealing The Election 2004

The Democrats are up to their usual tricks once again. In Lansing, Michigan thousands of fraudulent voter registrations are under invesigation. In Racine, Wisconsin, Project Vote is under investigation for thousands of fraudulent voter registrations as well. Tennessee blogger Bill Hobbs is following vote fraud allegations closely as the Democrats try to steal elections that they cannot win.

It’s clear that groups like Project Vote and America Coming Together are illegally trying to flood county and state elections officials with thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in the hopes that most of them will simply get shoved through the system – allowing Democratic operatives to vote multiple times in different precincts or states under different identities. Such voting fraud is a classic Democratic tactic, dating back from the days of the Tammany Hall political machine to the massive vote fraud in Texas and Illinois that got JFK into office in 1960. Democrats and voter fraud go together like Ted Kennedy and whisky – which is why it is important for every Republican to not only vote, but make sure all their living, non-felon friends do so as well. The Democrats will try to steal this election, but so long as election officials uphold the law and Republicans get to the polls, it won’t be close enough for them to cheat their way into office once again.

3 thoughts on “Stealing The Election 2004

  1. Ironic how Republicans are the ones incensed about stealing elections when the current Republican President is in the White House because the U.S. Supreme Court obstructed a legal recount of votes, and because the current President’s brother disenfranchised tens of thousands of Democratic voters with every indication that he plans to do the same this year.

  2. I think your being alittle bit hasty here Jay. I mean cmon, they are paying people to get voters, so of course some people will “manufacture” voters.

    Also I’m willing to bet alot of the people they sign are college kids, who are not known for taking forms seriously. I signed up mickey mouse for election a couple of times…

    He almost won too…

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