Another Slimebag Down

A leader of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad has met the wrong end of an Israeli missile in Gaza. Bashir al-Dabash, the head of Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigade was killed earlier today during an Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip designed to end attacks being launched from Gaza.

Along the same time, 13 UN officials have been arrested on suspicion of aiding terrorist activities. Earlier this year Israeli officials caught terrorists and explosives being carried in UNWRA ambulances in violation of international law. It is clear that the UN is not behaving in a neutral body in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and such actions endanger the safety of UN pfficials working in the region.

Israel has taken a zero-tolerance approach to terrorism, which has led to the targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders and a significant drop in the death toll for Israel. If the Palestinian people desire peace they should immediately end their intifada against Israel and accept meaningful peace talks. However, any attempt at peace in English cannot be carried on at the same time as calls for jihad and genocide are carried over the mosques and state TV in the West Bank and Gaza. The first condition of peace is the cessation of terrorism, and until groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas no longer operate freely peace will remain impossible.

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