Bombing In Paris

A bomb was detonated outside the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, injuring 10.

Applying the same standards that the French government uses for Israel, it is clear that the French are to blame for this bombing. Their murderous rampage throughout Algeria, their systematic oppression of their African and Carribean colonies, and their support for the regime of Saddam Hussein, and their banning of the hijab are all reasons why groups like al-Qaeda should see France as a target. Also, France has sold Israeli millions of dollars in weaponry over the years, including sales as recently as a few months ago.

If France wishes to end these attacks, they should immediately lift the ban on Muslim headscarves and end their support for the infidel Napoleanic Code and embrace shari’a. Only when every statue of Marianne wears a burqa and the wonderous French invention of the guillotine is used to behead theieves and adulterers will France be safe.

In all seriousness, states like France that think that they are not targets because of their attempts to curry favor with the Arab world are deluding themselves. The demands of the Islamic extremist movement are non-negotiable. Then again, Europe once thought that appeasement of Hitler and the false safety of the Maginot line would protect them. They were wrong then, and they are just as wrong now. While the idea of stonings along the Champs-Elysees seems farfetched, a few decades from now should trends continue, the concept of a Europe under shari’a may yet exist. As astute European authors such as Oriana Fallaci, Jean-Fraçois Revel, and others have noted, European culture is gravely ill. The process of secularization has given way to the same kind of cultural and moral nihilism that existed in pre-war Paris – and we all know how that turned out.

Colloboration is never a strategy that leads to safety – sadly it appears that despite the horrible events in Madrid and this bombing in Paris, Europe continues to believe that terrorism does not effect them. As more and more of the depressing modernist slums of outer Paris become breeding grounds for Islamist terrorism as well as crime, it is only a matter of time before the powderkeg of radical Islam in Europe explodes. Sadly, this bombing will be highly unlikely to change any of that.

6 thoughts on “Bombing In Paris

  1. No, Jay’s not on crack. Considering the ever-changing population demographics in Europe, we may all wish we were, though.

  2. According to the CIA website, the Muslim population in France is 5 – 10% (which means it could be as high as 10%). This US CITIZEN is not fond of France – do not purchase anything made in that country. However, for their own good, France needs to wake up; appeasement for the likes of terrorist and despots have never worked!

  3. “This US CITIZEN is not fond of France – do not purchase anything made in that country”
    hmmm… you do not buy anything coming from france, don’t you realize that by not buying french products you are hurting american companies who inport the products as well. You are hurting small business and speciality stores. Our two economies are so intertwined by now that if they a(france and europe in general) fail we also fail. I for one love french food, wine, etc. And I am planning a trip within the next year. (just to spite american who are like you!)

  4. Comment for Ed: History tells us otherwise – just look at France, Germany, and Europe in general after World War II. However, to each his own; that is what makes America great!

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