Voter Fraud Caught On Tape

A Colorado news station has a bombshell piece on voter fraud with some shocking video as well. This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting that’s becoming increasingly isolated to local news and the blogosphere, and also a reason why all those Democrats that are supposedly flocking to voter registration tables across the country may not be what they seem… then again, from Tammany Hall to today, stealing elections has been a longstanding Democratic tactic.

5 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Caught On Tape

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  2. “9News has learned many workers have re-registered voters multiple times by changing or making up information about them. 9News has documented 719 cases of potentially fraudulent forms at county election offices show fraudulent names, addresses, social security numbers or dates of birth”/”Some voter registration application forms are completely bogus.”

    There’s something I don’t get in this story:
    You don’t have to prove your identity with an ID to register to vote in the US? I don’t understand how changing a few criteria could create another set of I.D or another identity?

    Is Jay already preparing his excuses for losing the elections or is it really THAT easy to cheat? I can’t believe it!

  3. Sadly, it’s that easy to cheat. In some states, all you need is another registered voter to vouch for you and you can vote without even having to show ID…

  4. So, what if the election is so tight/contested in many States that it is impossible to finally KNOW who won? Global recount? UN monitoring? Daddy calls up his friends in DC? What happens?

    I believe the latter. The only remaining question is then: Will democrats accept a second term for Bush in these conditions?

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