7 thoughts on “GOP = Great Orgasm Party?

  1. Reminds me of Ann Coulter’s comments about liberals and “joyless sex”… though as the article states, most of the gap can probably be accounted for by the Republican/Democrat gender gap. After all, how often to men fake orgasms (or need to?)

    Anyway, as far as screwing the country goes, I’d say both parties are doing their fair share…

  2. Well, this isn’t surprising. I’ve seen many studies that show married couples have better sex lives, and see how Republicans are far more likely to have decent morals and values, they are probably more likely to marry someone and thus enjoy a good sex life.

  3. “decent morals and values”= marriage

    Welcome back to XIXth century!!!

    I cannot believe the US is actually half-populated with this kind of morons (sorry I forgot the “m” in “mormons”).

  4. Plus this was conducted by abc news, (yeah they have been known to be fair and balanced my ass) I thought republicans were to busy promoting no sex before marriage (I believe tax payers money when to that campain… money well spent),
    After all they are sexually repressed what would they know, half of them are probally virgins!!

  5. “decent morals and values”

    Wow, since when do Republicans control this market? Coming from a large, extended, hardworking, midwestern, churchgoing family of DEMOCRATS, this notion that Dems are a bunch of decadent amoralists comes as news to me… 🙂

    Recently, a study was done that divided American voters into 12 political “tribes”- the two largest of which, the Religious Right and Religious Left, were appraised as identical in size- 12.6% of the electorate, respectively. It’s that 10% of Seculars and 10% of Midwest Culture Warriors, the former with the Dems, and the latter with the GOP, that tends to skew things up and make the religious right look more powerful than it really is- and the religious left weaker than it really is.

    A while back, Jay posted articles about “Birkenstock Burkeans” and “South Park Republicans”- political conservatives with liberal lifestyles. I’d like to add a new category- maybe, in honor of Garrison Keillor, it should be called the “Homegrown Democrat”- the political liberal with a conservative lifestyle. I know a lot of them- I was raised by and around them… and they’re not to be discounted…

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