Is Michigan A Swing State?

I had written off Michigan as being safe Kerry, but both the President and the Kerry campaigns seem to be spending some time there, and now the latest _Detroit News_ has Bush with a rather healthy lead in Michigan. At the same time, their poll uses a small sample of only registered voters and has a high MOE of +/- 5%.

Then again, when you have the President visiting Michigan as much as he has, one wonders if maybe there are some internal polls that show that Michigan might just be in play. I would rather doubt that Michigan would go to Bush on Election Day, but stranger things have happened.

One thought on “Is Michigan A Swing State?

  1. This poll is an obvious outlier that conflicts with every other Michigan poll taken in 2004. It wouldn’t hurt for Kerry to make one more trip there just to seal the deal, but the only way Bush wins Michigan is if he gets serious last-minute momentum that is clearly not registering at the moment. Keep in mind, Michigan is an economy state, not a security state. Economy states will not vote for Bush barring a major terrorist attack in the next 12 days.

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