Thune To Appeal Court Ruling

The Thune campaign is planning to appeal last night’s ruling in Charles Mix county based on Daschle’s arguments that GOP poll-watchers were intimidating Native American voters. Given that Daschle essentially lost the bid to exclude GOP poll-watchers and Judge Piersol’s order only applies to one county, I’m not sure I see how advantageous a move this would be. However, given that Judge Piersol is a Democratic partisan and an avid supporter of Tom Daschle, the ruling could well be thrown out – not that it would matter by now.

Based on what I’ve been seeing, Daschle is hoping that it’s close enough in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties that the reservation vote could tip the balance as it did in 2002. However, from what I’m seeing, I think Daschle’s maneuvers will have cost him votes, and the race won’t be that close by the time the reservation vote comes into play. Daschle’s clearly becoming increasingly desperate, not only through his lawsuit, but his challenge of absentee ballots in the Rapid City area. I smell a convincing Thune win here – and Daschle’s dirty campaign tactics are only alienating voters even more.

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