Sources are now saying that Arafat is clinically brain dead and only be kept alive on a ventilator.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t last long — UK Satellite channel SkyNews is saying he’s still alive.

He’s dead… he’s not… he’s dead… he’s not. This guy keeps coming back like a villian from a bad slasher flick. Then again, unlike Jason or Freddy, Arafat is a real mass murderer.

7 thoughts on “ARAFAT (NOT) DEAD?

  1. Reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live routine when Francisco Franco finally died after a prolonged death struggle.

    Francsoc Franco is stil…dead.

  2. “He’s dead… he’s not… he’s dead… he’s not”

    Unless Arafat ressurected, which I really doubt, the fact that he was dead only came from israeli propaganda!!

    This only proves one thing:

  3. Perhaps if you’d do some critical reading you’d find that the figure of 100,000 casualties is meaningless. Every credible estimate indicates that there were anywhere from 8,000-15,000 casualties due to the war and terrorism – many of which were inflicted by the terrorists who are now killing Iraqis en masse.

  4. You are so biaised, misleading and disdainful for others lives(who care about these 8000 iraqi deaths when the world should still be crying on the 3000 innocent and brave and patriotic victims of the WTC= terrible double standard) that you are disgusting. I kept visiting your website because I thought that dialogue is a necessity in a democracy, but no one should honor you by reading your insane thoughts: You are not a democratic person!

    The idea of the world you are representing is closer to dictatorship than democracy: your leader is guided by God (an a christian god, not just any), your prisons are torture centers (Abou Graib was far from being an exception. In fact nudity, humiliation, dogs usage and violent deaths is a recurrent factor in US prisons. The jailers are white, undereducated, unemployed for years and they have to take care of hispanic or afro urbans. Abuses are the rule and people in the region are almost proud of it. Georges Bush himself has ordered capital punishment more often than any one else as a governor, and I think this is very telling about his “compassionate conservatism”: he mocked a young girl condemned to death by saying with a high pitched voice “oh please don’t kill me” and then started laughing. This guy is a murderer (many of these people were innocents and he is responsible for the death of innocents as in every place where capital punishment has been experienced before: judicial mistakes DO happen, and especially against blacks in Alabama!) with no respect for human life. The geneva convention does not recognize the status of “enemy fighter”=>you’re outside of international law!! Do you not care about the US infringing international law??? How do you explain that Bush is infringing international law that the US worked so hard over the last 50 years to spread? It’s not relevant anymore?

    Your constitution and legislation are already infringed (church/state; freedom of speech, habeas corpus, etc.), but Georges will change it further more to meet his religious beliefs and this is paradoxal with the very spirit of freedom of religion of the US. HE is unpatriotic! Talking about it, I can see no patriotism but only nationalism when I see the ceremonies with thousands of flags and a few eagles (This just remind me of Nuremberg), hear about thousands of american muslims thrown in jail for months without an explanation. Here again there are so many examples I don’t know where to start from. You are creating a world with two species: the Americans and the non-Americans (Die Untermenschen?)

    You are moving into a new type of society (propretiarian society?) where lie rules everything. Three months ago, the federal reserve stipulated that the stability of currencies is a very important factor for economic growth, and that they were willing to pursue a “strong dollar” policy. Were these guys the worst economists ever or were they just lying? The dollar is collapsing due to the unbelievable increase of all types of national debts in the US. This situation does not benefit the whole society but it’s richer part only. Of course employment is raising this month: tax cuts and abyssal deficits allow entrepreneurs to earn unexpected and illegitimate money. This is how you rule a short-term traffic, not how you lead a country long-term. How can you expect the “last row student” as he described himself to turn into an enlighted leader? HOW????

    The problem also is that you refuse any dialog and others views. e.g your comment above: “Yes, because the Prime Minister of Luxembourg is Israeli… right…” You misleading liar! You know exactly where these news comes from, and if you don’t, you’re even more stupid than I thought. I do listen to your arguments that Saddam was a terrible dictator, but you do not see the point of the people saying that dictatorship has never been a criteria preventing friendship with the US (the examples are so numerous that I’m not gonna start the list today). The reason for invading Irak were not Saddam nor WMDS (there wasn’t any). Did anyone heard Bush and his crew apologise for this? No. You can pretend that you saved lives, but you didn’t: the war isn’t over! We’ll make the final count when Irak will be as democratic as Germany! No, they are proud of what they’ve done and so are you Jay Reding. Just as your website proves it, the US is not a democracy anymore. Of course your leader was elected democratically (this time), but so was Hitler.

    Good luck with your blindness, and beware of the hangover.

  5. Vincent you’ve finally convinced us all. YOU’RE NUTS!

    I’d like to know which one of the European countries you live freely in because of the American soldiers have given their lives in countless wars for freedom. From the revolution to the Union troops of the Civil War, to those who died in Europe and Asia during WWII, and now to those in Afghanistan and Iraq – American soldiers have always taken a stand against oppression.

    It diminishes their sacrifice to call the pursuit of freedom misconceived. Freedom has a price. A price that every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine that ever stood watch knows all too well might be paid by them.

    To ignore and hide from the challenges of madmen and terrorists is to diminish the sacrifices made by a long, unbroken line of American heroes who have dared to die that freedom might live and grow and increase it’s blessings. To quote FDR, “Freedom lives, and through it they live, in a way that humbles the understanding of most men.”

    I pray I never take for granted the freedom we have. I am reminded of it every day, hanging in my living room is the Purple Heart Medal of Joe F. Mach, my wife’s grandfather. He died fighting hand-to-hand on Hill 103 near Brest in Brittany to liberate France and the oppressed Jewish people of Europe.

    You have the nerve to speak with such vile contempt and hatred because you have the freedom to do so paid for by the blood of someone else…most probably a few thousand Americans. So when you open your Euro-trash mouth and spew your venom pardon us for not giving a damn!

    You don’t understand the invasion of Iraq because you don’t understand the nature of the enemy. A terrorist is like a bully, he understands one thing – strength. Pop his nasty neighbor in the head with a stick and he’ll take notice. You’ll know the strategy works when Iran starts toeing the line and negotiating the nuclear issues like Libya did. Do us all a favor, take your medication and shut the hell up.

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