Arafat In A Coma

Palestinian officials are indicating that Yasser Arafat has lapsed into a coma. Previous reports had indicated that Arafat was no longer mentally sound and is near death.

The question is: would it be better than the terrorist slimebag suffer or simply drop dead and start burning in Hell right away?

One can only hope that in the wake of Arafat’s impending demise, the Palestinians get some leadership that will stop fanning the flames of hatred and truly work towards peace with Israel. Sadly, I rather doubt it – the moderates in the West Bank and Gaza have already been killed. Instead it’s more likely that the remains of Fatah will battle Hamas for control, leaving thousands dead.

The Palestinians have been cynically used as puppets by the Arab world for years, with Europe playing right along. They’ve been deliberately kicked out of Jordan for causing trouble and forced to live in squalor as a way of driving anti-Semitic hatred. The only value the Palestinians have in the Arab world is as bargaining chips, ways of demanding that the world solve the unsolvable before they get to the necessary task of changing the autocracy and tyranny of the region. Fortunately the President hasn’t fallen for the bait and has put the onus on the Palestinians to reform before any progress can be made. If the Palestinians want peace, they may have the best chance that they ever have had. If they do not, the situation in the region could get much worse.

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